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Mike,Jul 3 2017
11:48 AM
There's been such a huge backlash against them (understandably so!). What they did was suddenly change the T&C without any prior warning that they were going to do this, and then slap a $399 ransom onto every user to get their photos back. They even blocked all 3rd party hosting for paid accounts, as you have found out, Henry!

As many people have pointed out, it's pretty much ransomware. They've seen the recent spate of attacks and must have thought "Now *that* is a good business model!"

All they had to do was give users 2 months or so warning and then introduce a scheme where they charged something like $4.99 a month - most people would have been happy to pay, mostly for the convenience. Now they've pissed off all of their customers and completely destroyed their credibility.

like i say so far my old links still work but the second they go off my involvement with sickbucket will cease and i hope they go to hell in a hand job

just found out imgur can edit pics and add text using same software as sickbucket, very useful.

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