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This is The Daily Worm. Please take time to understand some of the most basic things about that you won't understand.

Please register to find the answer to understand without some of the most utterly offensive about time to understand sometimes. Also to register here

That isn't to say unless of course by which i mean to say for instance in the event of which one might consider to understand for the purposes of in case to move to strike. I'm not easy.

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  • Feb 20 2013, 02:31:20 AM
    syco: I really don't understand what it is he's trying to do. People losing points on a gaming forum somehow outweighs having those awful pics spread about the internet.
  • Feb 20 2013, 02:27:22 AM
    Severstarr: Guys, guys, oh god, it's so funny.
  • Feb 20 2013, 12:35:47 AM
    Severstarr: Oh. >_>
  • Feb 19 2013, 08:53:22 AM
    Kanakiri: That's why you can't post
  • Feb 19 2013, 08:53:10 AM
    Kanakiri: Sever, you better not be still using internet explorer
  • Feb 18 2013, 04:47:16 PM
    Knives: I am a fag.
  • Feb 18 2013, 04:31:27 PM
    Severstarr: INVALID INPUT for the past year and a half.
  • Feb 18 2013, 04:30:38 PM
    Severstarr: Why can't I post anything? >_>
  • Jan 21 2013, 10:12:15 AM
    syco: Hi everybody! Come join this orgy of intellect!Sign up now!
  • Oct 17 2012, 02:50:16 AM
    Drink Top: Silent Hill: We Know You'll Watch, Eat A Dick 3D looks terrible

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Kitchen Units Swindon

Posted by UjianKUL (Member) at Mar 18 2014, 07:47:05 AM. 5 comments

:yeahthat: Kitchen Units Swindon. Thirty Ex Display Kitchens To Clear. www.exdisplaykitchens1.co.uk 595 Each with appliances. :yeahthat:

Morning, everyone.

Posted by cheatingdude (Member) at Mar 6 2014, 07:15:45 PM. One comment


Open Diary just shut down

Posted by Amine (Vaginatarian) at Feb 28 2014, 06:18:48 AM. One comment

... and there is no way to recall the post :whee: :whee: :hurray: :robo: :fifi:



Who will understand.. those damn baboons!

oh huh this place still exists

Posted by Captain Poopy Pants (Dropkick'd!) at Jan 28 2014, 01:41:56 AM. 6 comments

It didn't the other day.

Good news everyone!

Posted by syco (Nigma) at Dec 29 2013, 07:21:36 PM. 4 comments

My poverty has taken a turn of events! Now employed as AT&T's sign spinner in my area. Hooray for dancing!
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